This is one of the most important steps in making sure that any instrument that is carries the General Equity name is authenticated and verified by General Equity Head office.

There are many unauthorised fake instruments out there in the market place this is very common and happens to 90% of all institutions that provide instruments in the market place. Unscrupulous groups are taking fees and have no relationship with the institution all correspondence or instruments must be authenticated by General Equity, if not done within 5 banking days the instruments could be deemed not validated and not recognised.

A warning to all members or clients, you are not to pay any fees to any parties without verifying the parties with General Equity directly any loss you may occur will be at your own risk and General Equity will not be liable for any damages or liabilities that may have been caused.

Our Legal department urges all groups wishing to deal with General Equity to do so directly and have General Equity direct you not the brokers or other non-authorised parties. All Authorised Representative must be checked with General Equity before dealing with them or making any payments.